What I Wore Wednesday

Acutally, this is what I wore yesterday, but didn't have a chance to blog!!! I'm digging the coloured tights - I bought a whole pile after finding them cheap (the cashier gave me a very funny look!!!) My hair really needs re-dying but doesn't look too bad in the photos! I'm feeling lazy and trying to get away with not doing it until just before my birthday party!!!

Dress: thrifted
Cardigan: New Look
Tights: QD

(and please excuse the dead looking plant behind me!!!)

What I wore 01/03/11
What I wore 01/03/11What I wore 01/03/11
What I wore 01/03/11
What I wore 01/03/11


  1. You look fabulous darling! Love the dress. I love the idea of 'what I wore weds'. I started setting up a blog about my thrift habits but I've not stared publishing it yet as I just don't seem to have the time at the mo'.

  2. Wish I could wear dresses like that but I'd just scare people with my woobly thighs on show :o)
    I love the tights - I can't find that colour of blue anywhere - and (if I can be really cheeky) what dye do you use on your hair - I've wanted my hair that colour for yonks but I can never find any bright enough.

    Loving the whole look - you look beautiful :o)

  3. Love the look!
    can I have the top and give that poor plant some water, giggle
    dreds look great
    i have a post on my blog with these fun twisties i just ordered and one would look so good in your hair, they are fun!

  4. all kinds of adorable going on here! love it! you are soooo cute!
    & i have tights in the same color.

  5. You look gorgeous as always. Loving the blue tights :)


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