Birthday (Party) Guest Post: Laura from Violet Bella

Hey guys, this is Laura from Violet Bella.  I just wanted to share one of my most memorable birthday gifts from my adult years.  This was actually a gift given to myself, which sometimes can be the best kind!  I had the most special dress made for me by the ever talented Shauna of Poor Pitiful Pearl.  I sent her all of the fabric scraps to use in it.  All pieces from my childhood clothing, scraps my mother had saved of very special material, even pieces from one of my dad's old carpentry work shirts!  Talk about special energy going into a piece of handmade clothing.  It is so full of love and memories.  You can watch my silly little video I made of  it here.

Big Happy birthday wishes to Polly!  She is one of the sweetest hippest mommas out there!

Peace and Love,


Laura is the amazing lady behind Violet Bella. I love her blog - full of inspiration, crafts, her beautiful home and pets and of course the fantastic clothes, jewelry and art that she makes. Check out her blog, her etsy shops here and here and her husbands etsy shop Skyline Fever.

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