Birthday (Party) Guest Post: Shannon from Thumbin' My Way

First of all, I am thoroughly honored to write a guest post for Pixie Mama, especially as part of such a special series celebrating birthday month – and monumental 30th birthday month at that!

As I approach my 40th birthday, I actually look back rather fondly (wistfully?) at what was the best year of my life so far. To put it mildly, my twenties stunk. I went through some turbulent times full of seriously hard-learned lessons, capped off by a particularly rough 29th year full of struggle, heartache, loss and pain. So, turning 30 for me was more of a way to start a fresh new decade; a new chapter of my life if you will.

And, boy was it. I got engaged on my birthday, got my very first “new” car, got married, honeymooned abroad, and bought my first home (to name just a few milestones). It was a banner year full of memories too abundant to list. And now, almost ten years on, I realize that it truly was a turning point in my life. A time that I began to mature into the woman I am today, turning dreams into reality and learning to embrace life despite its sometimes gnarly twists and turns.

For me, thirty represents a time to celebrate all that life entails. Leaving behind the tumultuous twenties and entering the next phase is an accomplishment to rejoice. It’s an opportunity to reflect on the past, learn from it, and apply the wisdom going forward.

CELEBRATE making it this far
CELEBRATE new beginnings
CELEBRATE womanhood
CELEBRATE family, friends and loved ones
But most of all, CELEBRATE (yes, just celebrate)

Here’s to Polly and her upcoming BEST YEAR EVER (so far)!
Happy 30th Birthday.


Shannon is the beautiful lady behind Thumbin' My Way... and I am so pleased I can call her a friend. Be sure to stop by and say hello to her!

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  1. you couldnt have put it any better!
    I wish I could stay in my 30,s forever if I got to choose.

  2. Great post, Shannon! "Celebrate" sounds like a great way to live:)


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