Birthday (Party) Guest Post: Tammy from Punk Rawk Purl

Hello! This is Tammy from PuNk rAwK pUrL!   
I would like to begin with a big huge "Thank You" to birthday girl,  Polly for asking me to write a guest post here on Pixie Mama for her Birthday Blog Celebration! And be sure to help her celebrate by entering her fabulous Birthday Giveaway.

Boy oh Boy... March is just brimming with birthday celebrations! Here I am on Polly's Birthday Blog.  I have written My Dream Birthday Party post for Campfire Chic.  And for even more March Birthday love I am giving away an Owl Collage for the Pamplemousse1983 Great March Birthday Giveaway. All of the recent talk about birthdays, wish lists, and gifts got me to thinking about past birthday gifts that I have received.  I wasn't at all surprised to realize that some of my all time favorite gifts were not expensive ones, not even store bought ones... but small mementos from the heart. 

PuNk rAwK pUrL Birthday Collage
1. A bouquet of  Springtime Daffodils searched out and given to me in September  2. A handful of pewter buttons with the sweetest little trees upon them  3. A teeny palm sized pineapple (one of my favorite fruits) 4. A bushel of juicy oranges (buttons).

PuNk rAwK pUrL Birthday Collage

5. A vintage Replogle Starlight Globe (given to me straight off the shelf of a friend's home... just because I loved it so)  6. A wind-up tin toy; Mister Mousie  7. A glass frog that I have had since I was a teenager. Some think he is ugly. I keep him on the window sill and when the sun shines through him, I smile.

PuNk rAwK pUrL Birthday Collage

8. A sprig of golden yellow dried flowers tied up w/ handmade silk and cashmere pom-poms. This is seriously one of my top five favorite gifts of all time. I've had it for many years.  9. An assortment of French Macaroons from Miette, including my favorite flavor Rose and Geranium  10. An itty-bitty birdie ring

What are some of your most cherished birthday gifts?   
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Editors note - Tammy is having a giveaway on her blog to win one of her Stiched Up Owl Moleskin Journal's for those who follow her on Twitter - check it out here! Thanks Tammy for taking part in my birthday celebrations :)


  1. hi um btw you were assinged as my yummy international partner . ^^ So if youd gave me your e-mail or something? I would like to know what kind of sweets do you like and of course your postal address so I can send them to you :)

  2. This gave me such a huge smile! It's so important to cherish the little things. I cherish my little Zelda kitten, and cards. I have so many birthday cards I could never throw out.

  3. you're right - the little things often mean the most :)


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