Saturday Link ♥ Love

Sweet Saturday Wishes to you all :) I hope you've a weekend full of fun ahead of yous! I'm spending my Saturday morning doing the housework - strangely these days I find cleaning (and the results) quite theraputic - must be getting old ;-)

I'm excited that my brithday celebrations here on Pixie Mama have started. There are more guest posts to come next week as well as a giveaway!!!

I also managed to get some more stock into my Etsy Shop this week - check it out if you haven't already (and you can save 10% with the coupon code 'BIRTHDAY' through all of March)

Here's some Link ♥ Love for you this week:

  • This free goddesfesto from Goddess Leonie - loving it!
  • This beautiful playlist guestpost on Violet Bella
  • This amazing giveaway from Pamplemousse (including a painting by moi!!)
  • Some super cute printables at Eat Drink Chic
  • More printables and DIY's at iDiY
  • The start of my birthday celebrations on the blog, check out the first week!!


  1. Deer Little FawnMarch 05, 2011

    Cute picture! :) x

  2. Hope that you are having a great weekend!
    This photo of you... I FINALLY figured out WHO it is you remind me of. My Aunt when she was much much younger. She was my favorite Aunt: super cool, listened to great music, took me to get my ears pierced.. etc.

  3. heehee - glad it's the super cool Aunt I remind you of ;-)


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