Birthday Guest Post: Connie from Dirty Footprints Studio


I couldn’t wait to turn 30.


On the day of my 29th birthday I started a daily countdown. I had a special pull-away calender and everything. See, basically, by 29 I was done with my 20’s and ready for something new. So ready for a new understanding--not just of life...

But of me.

And when 30 arrived I greeted it inside a circle of friends, with the Love of My Life at my side and all the margaritas and salty lime tortilla chips one chica could put down.

And oh, there was dancing.

Lots of dancing.
Plunging necklines.
And samba moves that would awaken any sleeping soul back into existence.

And there was me--thirty year old me.
And I leaned my hands heavily against that white porcelain sink in the public restroom at the back of the salsa club--and I took a long good look at the woman in the mirror looking back at me.

She made it.

She made it to 30.

And I couldn’t stop smiling.

Since that day, nothing has ever been the same.

Turning thirty was monumental--don’t let the plunging neckline fool you. Somewhere in between the rumba and the bachata I decided whole heartedly that I no longer would take this life for granted.

I abandoned my twenties in a salsa club....left it there to turn to dust and fade away....or simply get lost in the notes of the next mambo or merengue...and I have never regretted it for one minute to this day.

Polly....I wish you all the love and blessings and beautiful surprises that embracing thirty has in store for you. I wish you nothing but adventure and a new perspective on your already beautiful Creative Juicy Life. I wish you a happy birthday.

A very happy, happy birthday, dear friend. You made it.


Connie is an artist and the owner of Dirty Footprints Studio and a huge inspiration. Thanks for the birthday wishes!

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  1. Deer Little FawnMarch 31, 2011

    Great guest post! This actually made me feel more positive about my approaching 30s! :) x


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