List 34: Birthday Cake Ideas

I've been searching for some inspiration for my birthday cake (and one for Miss Baya) here are 10 of my favourites (at the minute!)

1. White cake with blackberry buttercream

2. Fairy Toadstool Cake

3. This teacup cake

4. Triple Lemon Blueberry Layer Cake

5. Chocolate peanut butter cake

6. Giant Smores Cake

7. Candyland Cake

8. Heart Cake

9. This awesome rainbow cake 

10. Knitting cake!!!

all images found via pinterest


  1. the pictures arent coming up too see, I will check back and hope they come up.

  2. images should be fixed now :)

  3. These cakes are awsome!!! My favorite one is definetly the chocolate and peanut butter one after discovering Reese's cupcakes!!!
    The rainbow cake is cute and so happy!!!

    Have a lovely weekend! xox

  4. ok pictures came up
    there is NO WAY I could pick a favorite
    the first one looks the yumees but the other are so darn cute I wouldnt be able to cut into it because they are so fun.
    which is your fav?

  5. That giant smores cake looks sooo good!! My birthday is in a couple weeks and I might have to request that! :)

  6. I LOVE the toadstool & knitting cakes!

  7. I LOVE the toadstool – and the knitting cakes.

    I had planned to make the rainbow cake – but really want to attempt the
    toadstool now – just not sure my cake decorating skills are that good!!!

  8. Sammylou100March 12, 2011

    I NEED the toadstool cake! It is just too good to eat :)

  9. you know... I think I'm going to make the toadstool cake for my birthday!!
    It's too perfect!

  10. I vote the toadstool cake, the candyland cake or the knitters cake...but probably the first two...yes both...can you ever have too much cake?????

  11. Ihateyou1234March 27, 2011

    how do you do the rainbow cake?!


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