Birthday (Party) Guest Post: Miss Beck from VaaVoom.com

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Hello there!

Miss Beck from VaaVoom.com here! I wanted to share some fabulous blogs that I follow and sites I’m always visiting!

VaaVoom.com is based here in Melbourne, Australia and we do our best to bring the very best of indie craft, design and makers to the world each day whether they’re from ‘downunder’ or from other exotic locales! Being a passionate crafter, maker and photographer I’m equally as passionate about other Aussie creatives who do the same and I think it just fair that I share some of my loves with you!

Now, I don’t know how much you know about Australian blogs, design or indie craft, but we have some truly rocking creatives out there! Our talented designers, makers and crafters share their projects, ideas and musings on some fabulous blogs I can’t get enough of and I’ve linked them above for you so that you can get your own little hit of Aussie Creative goodness.

We’ve also got some awesome little indie stores that stock the wonderful creations from these crafters, makers & artists from Australia and all around the world (and they ship around the world too!).

This is just a little snippet of the creative love that we have here in Australia, so don’t be shy, check out the links above and drop on by to say hello!

Love Miss Beck xx


Miss Beck runs VaaVoom, an indie craft & design blog featuring creativity from around the world on a daily basis! Thanks for joining in my celebration month!

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  1. HandmaderomanceMarch 04, 2011

    yay miss beck thanks for the mention amongst all these amazing bloggers. super ace : ) x


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