Birthday (Party) Guest Post: Stephanie Kelly

Roller Derby Birthday

One of my most memorial birthdays was my most recent one last May when I turned 26. For a while birthday celebrations were the same thing among my friends. Drinking at a bar. Don't get me wrong, this is a good standby, and usually always a good time, but it got old for me pretty quickly. Earlier in the year, my good friend Coty tried out for a roller derby team in Chicago, Windy City Rollers, and within a few months made it on the Manic Attackers. I went to a few bouts while she was moving up the ranks, and they were so much fun! I had a few preconceived notions about roller derby, most of them provided by my parents, but I was pleasantly surprised by the whole event. It took a while for me to get the hang of how points are scored and a few of the rules, but once I caught on I was enthralled. And the names of the players are awesome! "Val Capone", "Beth Amphetamine", "Athena DeCrime", "Notorious D.I.E." ...so fun! (And to understand the sport better, I recommend watching the movie "Whip It". I think they represent the sport amazingly and explain the rules really well.)

So when my birthday rolled around, I decided to get a big group together to watch the Windy City Rollers in action. We stayed for the 2 bouts (games). Coty played in the second bout, and it was a real nailbiter! Most of the bouts I've watched are pretty lopsided in points after a while, but this one was close until the very end. The Manic Attackers did win, and we all celebrated at the Derby After Party. My friends all had a great time, and really liked experiencing something new in Chicago. 

So if you're looking for new birthday party ideas, or just want to get friends together and try something new, check out roller derby. If you're new to the roller derby scene, do a quick online search for a team or organization in your area. 
Thanks again to Polly for the opportunity to do this guest blog post! Hope you have a great birthday month :)
- Stephanie (and if I ever try out for a roller derby team, Deathanie Killy, haha.)

I met Stephanie when we were partnered up in the Strumpets Crumpets Valentine's Craft Swap! She has an awesome Etsy Shop you can check out here!


  1. I love roller derby! I wish there was a league closer to where I live. This sounds like an awesome way to spend your birthday. :)

  2. i also love roller derby but the roller derby we have here is not violent like i woud like it to be, am i bad for saying this? i like them to skate rough


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