Look...no roots!!!

 At last - my hair got dyed... I'm always amazed at how vibrant the red is after I've dyed it... which means I obviously need to dye it more often! I've had so many comments on my hair in the last few months - it's always nice when  a stranger takes the time to tell you they love your hair!!!


Tomorrow is Baya's 2nd birthday - gah! I can't believe she'll be two! So, I have lots to do today. Cakes to bake, pass the parcel to wrap, decorations to sort out!! I'll be back this afternoon with another birthday (Party) Guest Post - this one from Maryam from Pamplemousse1983

Oh - and did you see the super cute owl earrings I listed yesterday? 1 pair sold straight away :)
p.s there's only 1 week left to enter my birthday giveaway!! Go here if you haven't already :)


  1. Such a pretty, vibrant colour c: x

  2. Shell GoodMarch 22, 2011

    Gorgeous piccies xx

  3. Beautiful :) It must be a day for it, I'm just re-hennaing my hair too! xxx

  4. Deer Little FawnMarch 22, 2011

    Your hair looks fab!! :) x

  5. It looks great
    isnt it nice to just be able to be you and express yourself for who you are and to get compliments

  6. Ooo such lovely hair, so vibrant!!! I dye my hair mostly black with some red in the front and sides and am always amazed when I redo my roots with the black at how dark it is. I love when random people tell me how much they like my hair!! What brand do you use for the red? I just use manic panic for the red which means I have to redo it almost every week =/

  7. You are just TOO pretty! and I am so excited for those earrings! :]

  8. I use directions dye, washing once a week, I try and re-dye it ever 3/4 weeks.


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