Wanna Sponsor Pixie Mama?? (p.s.....it's free!!)

I'm excited to announce that Pixie Mama is now offering sponsor spots for your blog or shop!!! And right now these spots are free

There are two options for buttons:

How it works:
  • Ad's go up on the 1st of the month, and stay till the end of that month (you can stay up for as long as you like, I just ask that you either sponsor a giveaway (large ad) or write a guest post (small ad) for each month your button is up)
  • Ad's will be at the top of the right sidebar (you can see the first one there already!)
  • Ad's will be rotated weekly amongst same size ads.
  • Large Ad Sponsors will have a highlight posts the first full week of the month with one other sponsor, small ad sponsors will have a group highlight post the second full week of the month.

Blog Stats:

  • At the start of 2011 I had 97 GFC vistiors - now (31st March 2011) that is up to 215- so I am growing rapidly!
  • I have 217 subscribers through a google reader
  • Currently, I am recieving over 5000 page views a month
  • I tweet and use facebook daily to promote new posts, tutorials, sponsors, giveaways etc
  • There are on average 10 posts per week
If you are interested then please email me to work the details out!
I'm also open to offers of trades for ad buttons to :)

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