Birthday (Party) Guest Post: Kristina from Tina's Tree


Hi PixieMama People. Let’s throw a huge happy birthday celebration cheer to Polly!

I’m honoured to be here today with some reflection on my last 10 years and hope to inspire you to think about what has moved you over the same time.

To jump back, let’s start by looking at right now. 28 years old and feeling time whiz by faster than my proverbial pen can write, I think back.

10 years ago, I was 18 and just about to finish my first year at university. Time didn’t move as quick. Days were split into four sections, class/study, work, party and sleep. By Canadian standards, I was officially an adult. With this, I obtained my political right to vote. Naturally, this also led the rebel in me to believe I knew enough to always shape the right answer. It was this very thinking that brought me to dropping out of school after year 1 and not-so-glamorously moving out of my parents’ home and in with the boy who would, sometime later, become the man I would marry.

20 came next and things got rocky. Life started rumbling around and the routine I had grown to know challenged me. My relationship was sketchy. Waitressing certainly was not my chosen profession. Money didn’t stretch as far as it needed to. Along came the storm that refused to settle. The strong winds within shook my relationship, flipped my career, and left me with the big bad wolf to blow my house down. As often happens, the winds did settle but in their wake left a wet haze.

22 then. My relationship with Mr. Right spun itself back together and we were happily (perhaps more correctly terrified) awaiting an arrival from the stork. Few shared in our joy. We had a roof over us but it certainly was not our own. My #1 son came and blessed me with a new life. One which would forever brand me with the hard earned title of Mamma. A few months of couches and borrowed rooms and we would find ourselves on a doorstep of our own picking out furnishings and appliances. Seeing as responsibility was making itself pronounced I returned to studies part time anticipating they would lead me to better overall options down the road.

24 was most momentous for our official engagement and very quickly followed by a move into a bigger house painted into our home. Wedding bells rang in the fall of year 25. My dreams were painting themselves into the picture I’d envisioned so many years before.

Knowing things for me usually work better in even numbers, 26 graced me with Baby #2. A beauty she is.  The title of Princess was earned the moment she arrived.

So, here I am - time flying by faster than I will acknowledge or admit and 28 seems too ready to bid me farewell. 29 I’m sure will race away. There will be me, knocking on the door of my next decade. I’m excited. Seeing the wonderful people in this virtually connected world sharing their stories and supporting and encouraging mine, I am the calmest I’ve ever been to welcome and embrace change. 10 years have bestowed upon me the wisdom to know that I do not know it all, to ask when I need help and to offer what I can.

Polly, as you cross the threshold to 30, I wish for you fullness, challenge, growth, entertainment, and enough sparkle to paint a night’s sky.

Kristina blogs over at Tina's Tree and is a contributer at The Inspiration Studio. Thanks for kicking off the birthday celebrations!!!

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  1. AuroraforeverMarch 02, 2011

    What a great post - so many lessons here


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