I've been awarded....

Two more blog awards :)

Stylish Blogger Award from Kelly at LoveArtChild

The Sweet Blog Award from Lauren at Ladaisi

Oh my - thank you sooo very much :) I've had the Stylish Blogger Award twice before - (see here), but not the Sweet Blog Award. Those who win it have to share four guilty pleasures and pass the award along:

  1. I like to eat peanut butter straight out of the jar
  2. Treating myself to a giant starbucks caramel macchiato
  3. Reading trashy chic lit
  4. Eating the cake mix/cookie dough before I've baked it

and now I tag:

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  1. Deer Little FawnMarch 05, 2011

    Thank you so much! How fun! Starbucks is one of mine too! I'll post this soon. :) x


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