Quiet Love

Today is a 'Bloggers Day Of Silence' to remember the disaster that has happened in Japan.

Apparently there has been some bullying directed towards bloggers who haven't been silent today. I think this is terribly sad, personally I think spreading the word is more important than staying silent. We all grieve and show our support in different ways. No one way is better than another.

If you can, donate here.



  1. Deer Little FawnMarch 18, 2011

    I whole heartedly agree here Polly. xxx

  2. beautifully said and I couldn't agree more

  3. i didnt even know it was a blogger day of silence! i hate to think someone was judging me because i didnt know! and besides, you're so right! how does staying silent from blogging help? if anything we should all be out there getting the word out about what's happening!!

  4. That is not at all fair to people...i didnt even know about the day of silence...had not an inkling till I came to your blog.I personally dont see how not blogging will help, but i am certainly holding candle lit viduals and respecting in a way that seems appropriate to me.Hugs polly.

  5. I wasn't aware about the day of silence until half way through yesterday.
    It's horrible to think we're being judged because we didn't know - and I do
    think that speaking out is of more benefit!


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