Birthday (Party) Guest Post: Beth from Deer Little Fawn

Hello Pixie followers! I'm Beth from Deer Little Fawn 

I was so delighted to be asked to be a part of Polly's birthday month here on Pixie Mama! Thanks Polly! I was especially pleased as March is my Birthday month aswell!

I thought I'd share this photo with you. It was taken on my 3rd Birthday. I was a big Donald Duck fan at the time. I had a Donald toy which went everywhere with me for a large part of my childhood (I still own him, he's just a bit battered). I think I must have been pretty darn pleased with that cake. I also like this picture because I'm wearing a fancy party dress! Which if I do say so myself, has a pretty awesome collar!
I hope you have good cake on your birthday too Polly!
Happy Birthday Month!

Beth is the lovely lady behind Deer Little Fawn - her blog is one of my daily visits, for crafty goodness and some visual delights. She also has shops on Etsy and Folksy - make sure you check them out!

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