Birthday (Party) Guest Post: Katelyn from Peace, Lover and Leener

Happy Happy Birthday to the lovely Miss Polly. We share birthday months. That makes me smile!
I don't do much for my birthday but I always enjoy myself. As a kid my sisters and I always got to pick our favorite meals for dinner on our birthday and enjoy it all as a family. No huge fanfare party with a ton of kids, just me, my two sisters and my dad and step mom at the time. It was so peaceful. It was also funny to torture my sisters with my meal I would pick for my birthday. Sloppy Joes. I loved them growing up and they HATED (still do) them! Heh heh heh. Then we would do it all over again with my mom when we would go over to her house after or before our birthdays. My mom always made cupcakes in ice cream cones. I love making them occasionally for nostalgic feelings to return.

Most girls get sad when they start to get older but honestly, I can't wait to see what is in store for the rest of my life at any age! I embrace getting older. Each wrinkle and grey hair each year brings me is just so fun and exciting to me.

Happy 30th Polly! Enjoy it!

Peace and Love.

Katelyn blogs over at Peace, Love and Leener about life and her adorable daughter Leena. She also runs a fantastic Etsy Shop

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