A Confession

Remember one of my new year goals??? To do a '365 Project'???? Well... I have to admit that seems to have gotten left behind a little :( I've tried really hard, but I've been so busy the last couple of weeks, and so lacking any inspiration that I haven't bothered. That makes me sad and also feel a bit guilty for giving up. I don't know whether to force myself to keep going, or just admit defeat? I had thought about changing to a photo a week instead of each day, but that seems a bit lame!! What do you guys think??

On other news, I've just added a couple of new necklaces and some earrings to my shop :) Here's a sneak peak:
Blue Shell Earrings
 Pink Fan Earrings
Blue Fan Earrings
 Glass Heart Necklace
 Glass Star Necklace
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 And I've had a great response to my call out for sponsors!!! Still space available if anyone's interested

Happy Sunday Friends!!!!



  1. Change it to a photo a week! It'll feel good to NOT give up!

    I love those earrings that fan out. So pretty!

  2. yes! I think I will!!!! One picture each week! I think I can manage that ;-)

  3. My best friend julesMarch 20, 2011

    Oh Polly, I totally know how you feel! I'm often a bit too ambitious with the things I want to accomplish...and often give myself a very little timeframe. But I don't think you should give up just do it on your own pace and don't force it :) A photo a week will probably also do wonders for finding your inspiration! :)

  4. Hugs & Loves, ArielMarch 20, 2011

    ooooohhh im in love with those blue earrings so fun, im heading over to your shop now!
    found you on FTLOB!

    Hugs & Loves, Ariel

  5. Thanks Ariel!

  6. I think you're right... I'm terrible for being over ambitious! Need to remember that I can't do everything :)


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