Birthday (Party) Guest Post: Maryam from Pamplemousse1983

Hello Pixie Mama readers!  My name is Maryam and I blog over at Pamplemousse1983.  I'm so excited to do a birthday blog post for Polly because March is also my birthday month! This post is supposed to be a little tongue in cheek, but also a bit serious.  My husband asked me recently if I wanted to go out with friends for my birthday and I realized I don't have any.  At least not any that live near me!  This got me thinking about those of us who either have no friends, or are away from home or alone on their birthdays.  That doesn't mean you can't celebrate by yourself!  In fact, it may even be a bit more indulgent since there's no one around to judge you ;)  So here is my guide to having a rocking birthday when you're all alone.
1. You can get any kind of cake you want!  Or a cupcake!  Or a dozen different flavored cupcakes and sample every stinkin' one of them!  Who cares?  It's your birthday and you'll do what you want!  If you don't like cake, try buying a bunch of different petit fours or tarts or even ice cream.  Whatever it is that you love!
2. You can sleep late, or stay in bed ALL DAMN DAY.  You have noone to see, nowhere to go, so why not indulge yourself on your birthday and spend the day in bed?  

3. Book yourself a spa day.  You will barely have to speak to anyone and can just RELAX.  Sometimes that's all you need and all you can ask for.  Get a massage, a foot rub, a facial, a scrub down, whatever floats your boat.  Sip tea and enjoy those cucumbers on your eyes.
4. Buy a bunch of trashy/fashion/whatever you like magazines and spend all day in your pj's reading them, following the beauty tips, experimenting with makeup/polish/hairstyles and just maxing and relaxing.
5. Last but not least, what birthday would be complete without presents?  Get all gussied up and go shopping!  I'm not talking Target, take yourself to somewhere nice and if you really can't afford to buy yourself a gift, try stuff on!  Try on an evening dress or prom dress or something outrageous!  Here's a tip, the better you feel when you go the more fun it is, so make sure to do your hair and makeup and shave your legs :)

And there you are, five ways to indulge yourself and ave a fabulous singulary birthday.  I hope you enjoyed my tips!  Let's all wish Polly a fab birthday full of family, friends and whatever the heck she wants to do :)


Maryam blogs is the beautiful craft lady from Pamplemousse1983 She is also expecting her first baby this year. Thanks for the great ideas maryam - and a Happy Birthday to you too!!

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