Birthday (Party) Foodie Post: Chocolate and Peanut Butter Cupcakes

I've been busy concocting recipes and trying them out ready for my (and Baya's) birthday! I have a passion for peanut butter  - until 1 year ago I couldn't stand the stuff. Serioulsy, the smell of it made me gag. But my hubby kept telling me I should try it, eventually I gave in, and now... now I'd eat it all day everyday if  I could! So - what's better than peanut butter and cakes together??? Not much right?! So here's my recipe for peanut butter and chocolate cupcakes. (oh - if you click on the image, it'll take you to a full size printable card)


  1. AnotherdiamondayMarch 15, 2011

    Thanks for sharing Polly!!! Used to hate pinut butter as well and now I find myself craving it!!! I will definetly try this receipe! Take care! x

  2. I can feel the calories right now just thinking of how good those would be!
    there is only 1 way i eat my pancakes
    try it and I swear you will NEVER eat them any other way!
    took me years to get my son to try it, thats the only way my husband and kids eat them now. try it and tell me what you think. its like heaven, it really is

  3. Oh man, those look sooo delicious. I might have to make those this weekend! And then try not to eat them all! :)

  4. heehee... the ones we made didn't last long!!!! Gonna have to make more!

  5. oh my goodness cry! I tried those last night and the werer DELICIOUS!!!!!!


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