What I Wore Wednesday

Eeeeps... these weeks are just flying by!!! The sunshine seems to have taken a holiday this week :( But at least  I don't feel bad sitting inside getting some work done!! Somehow my to-do list never seems to get any smaller.... but this week I've had the urge to paint which hasn't happened forever so I've managed to sneak in some painting time!

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This outfit is what I wore to a birthday party the girls were invited to on Saturday.. and I wore it again on Sunday to go to the river (just with a different vest!)

I also signed up for Top Baby Blogs - and I'll love you forever if you spare 2 minutes and 2 clicks to vote for me! ♥♥♥

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  1. You look lovely!! :-) xoxo

  2. Deer Little fawnApril 27, 2011

    Looking good lady!! :) Great outfit!
    Oh and I voted for you x

  3. you look so pretty, love!
    I love the dress!

    I hope you have a lovely day!

  4. Very cute! And two clicks, done and done!

  5. CariadclayMay 03, 2011

    how lovely, loving the hair x


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