Saturday Sun

How the heck did it get to be the weekend again?! I must be getting old if time's going this fast ;) A whole week since my birthday party! And another week of eating cake - really is time to diet now! It was a great birthday though - but after two weeks dominated by birthdays and parties, I am totally ready to get back  to 'normal'. 

If you're reading this in a reader, please hop out and check out my new sponsors in the right hand sidebar... I'm so thrilled to have such a great bunch sponsoring me for April! Keep your eyes peeled for a few guest posts and diy's this month. Also I'll be bringing you 2 (yes 2!) giveaway's - first one coming up next week. 

I've added a few new items to the shop (including the skirt I'm modelling above) - my heart is so happy to be making things for the shop - and to send them off to their new homes :) 

I have a couple of big posts planned for April... and hopefully lots of crafting and inspiration to share with you too! Did you see my '30 Things Before 31' list??? Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend :)


  1. Deer Little fawnApril 02, 2011

    You look so cute in that top pic! :)
    I'm going to start your giveaway on monday, I'll post you a link when it's up. I totally love the hairclips, and the extre ones squeel! :) They show up well on my dark hair, I'm going to post some pics next week! I hope April is a fantastic month for you! x

  2. Oh, I love everything!!! Wonderful additions!!!


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