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Come and meet my wonderful small sponsors -they're a lovely bunch of ladies - go show them some love!!

Hi there lovely Pixie Mama reader, my name is Kim and I run the blog Skates and Stitches. My blog is mainly about me delving right into the world of crafts. I've always been into it, but have never kept at it for a long period of time.

Now I'm trying to pick up embroidery and knitting and get good at them all (hopefully). My blog features pictures of what I make, some tutorials and general ramblings about crafts, baking and roller derby.


Hello! I’m Kate and I live in Norfolk with my partner and our cats, chickens and geese. My ‘real’ job is based in an office but I love to craft in my spare time. Pop by my shop and you will find an eclectic mix of items from cushion covers and bunting to decoupaged boxes.  You can also read all about my obsession with chicken keeping (and everything else!) over on my blog.


Hi, I'm Earthly. I live on a narrowboat in North Wales with my hubby, baby boy and girl and our old collie-cross. What I strive for most in our lives is a sense of balance and of staying true to ourselves. Having come so far and already living some of our wildest dreams, I know that I can achieve miracles if I put my mind to it. And you can too!


Amongst my usual myriad projects, I am really immersing myself in two book ideas right now: Crochet by Design and The Gourmet Veggie - tasters ('scuse pun) and teasers can be found on my blog! You can also find out all you ever wished about living aboard a narrowboat whilst it is being built...



I'm Melanie, a girl in her late twenties that is approaching thirty faster than she EVER aniticatped possible. This is myt blog to keep track of my exciting journeay as aI approach the start of "Mid-Life" It's my Trip to discovering who I am. Along the way I blog about photography, gardening, crafts and decor, and my life with my 3 dogs, 2 cats, 1 son, 1 daughter and 1 amazinlgy supportive hubby.

You can purchase my fine art photography prints at my little shop. Prices are currently marked 25% off in celebration of my upcoming Etsy Shop Opening. Discount is good until the end of April and no ocupon is needed!!



Mervi and Helena

 We are Mervi and Helena, two girls united by the love of all things vintage. Our story began two years ago, when we met at a design course. It was friendship at first sight.

3 Things that describe me: Vintage jewelry: Art deco black Onyx silver ring
Song: Kids, MGMT
Movie: Ed Wood, Tim Burton
Before our blog was born, we often discussed about a little project that we could do together - something we’re both passionate about and something fun. And slowly the idea of a vintage blog started becoming more and more intriguing. In November 2010, we decided to create My Best Friend Jules blog. Our mission is to share the vintage loveliness all around us, and our passion for jewelry, design, art, photography and all things cute.

3 Things that describe me: Vintage jewelry: Greek key pendant necklace
Song: I just want some love, Melanie Horsnell
Movie: Vicky Christina Barcelona, Woody Allen
We make a really good combo – we are the same, but oh so different. And that’s why it’s always so interesting to share ideas. We also have the same sense of humor; what would life be without hint of sarcasm on everything you do? Life is fun and we don’t take things so seriously. That's the essence of us and My Best Friend Jules.


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