Sponsor Spotlight: Meet Crystal and Laura!


Hi! I'm Crystal from CAPow! Art & Design / Windshield Diaries, and this month I'm turning 30! I have scoliosis and am Lactose Intolerant, but I try not to let those conditions define my life. 

I live in Upstate NY with my boyfriend M and our two cats Styles and Miyagi. M plays bass in a band called Severe Severe, and they are going to be releasing their second album this summer. We love living in Upstate NY for a lot of reasons: watching the seasons change, being so close to the Saratoga Flat Track in the summer, and being day-trip distance to some of the best cities in the Northeast. 
About a year ago we took a road trip down south. We drove from Upstate NY to Sarasota FL in 24 hours, drove from Sarasota to New Orleans for our friends' wedding, then made a stop in Memphis on our way back up to NY! We had so much fun and I can't wait to do it again, but for now we try to make the most of where we are! One of our favorite things to do is go try breakfast at local diners. 
We really love the older vintage diners the most. And now that the snow has melted and it's warm again, we're looking forward to another favorite: taking a bike ride to the local soft serve yogurt shop!


 Violet Bella is all about being true to yourself. Handmade jewelry, clothing and art for the free spirited. Most of my work has bits and pieces of nature and a feel of the past with a modern twist. Being a little flower child at heart, you will always find birds, flowers, leaves, earthy colors, patchwork and vintage materials throughout the line. All clothing is one of a kind and customs are welcome.




  1. Awesome new sponsors! I do love Violet Bella. Also....I am loving the breakfast photograph. The perfect little diner moment!

  2. Wonderful sponsors - so nice to meet them! Happy Wednesday! xxx


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