A morning to myself

The hubby has taken all 3 girls out to the cinema this morning (they're watching Gnomeo & Juliet!) so I've got a couple of hours to myself.

I love having the house to myself once in a while. I can listen to whatever music I like (Neil Young this morning)  without any complaints, and tackle some of my to-do list!!! This morning I'm finishing a couple of paintings, and starting a new one.

I have a couple of orders to post today, and I need to make a start on organizing Lola's 8th Birthday - which is just under 3 weeks away :O

The sun isn't shining today... which means I have no excuse to ignore my work any longer!

Don't forget that all this week you get a free pair of earrings with every necklace bought in my SHOP. Simply purchase both as usual, and in the message to seller write code 'riverfun' and I will refund the cost of the earrings :)

I'll be back this afternoon with a fantastic guest post.


  1. Enjoy your alone time! That is so valuable...yay for the hubby!!


  2. Hi Polly!
    glad you got some 'me' time.
    btw, your girls are adorable! I think eight is a very special number :)
    have a great day!

  3. I love quiet mornings to myself. Although they happen a lot as my boy and I have quite different schedules, and there are no little ones yet. I put a little line in my post today about the sale at your shop, I hope you get a few looks at least! :) Have a wonderful day!!

  4. gasparino6April 26, 2011

    Oh there is nothing better!!! I have 4 the only time I can actually have a thought that stays in my head is when everyone is in bed or at school! I love them but they are noisy!

  5. aw! this sounds like such a wonderful morning. I wish my hubs would do something like that for me. haha. I hope you have a wonderful day!

  6. What a perfect morning! Days off are alway a blessing aren't they.

    Zoe xx

  7. believe me... this is a rare treat ;)

  8. ha!! i sometimes daydream what it'd be like if mine went to school.....

  9. I love Mommy alone time. I usually end up cleaning & organizing though.


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