What I Wore Wednesday

top - made by moi
leggings - Primark
Necklace - me

The top is something I altered at the weekend. I found it a couple of weeks ago in the 50p bin at a charity shop! i loved the print and the length, but the original neckline wasn't overly flattering! So a bit of cutting and sewing and this is what the result was! I'm pretty pleased with it - great for spring weather!

Also, you can see the tattoo I had some work done on last week. I'm glad to be finally getting her coloured in!! I've got the urge to get on with some more tattoos - so watch this space!!!

I'm enjoying being back to 'normal' this week - after 2 weeks of parties and birthdays I've got a ton of stuff to catch up on!

Hows your week going?

Have you entered the April Sponsor Giveaway #1???


  1. Stevie Lynn D'AndreaApril 06, 2011

    oh that top you made is so fun! I love it!!!


  2. Deer Little fawnApril 06, 2011

    That top looks great! Well done, nice work! :)
    Lovin the tattoo, is she coming out of a lotus? I have a lotus too.
    These pics are really cool! x

  3. yes, she's coming out of a lotus :) I'm hoping to get more lotus flowers
    around the arm, and then fill it all in :) one day!

  4. AnotherdiamondayApril 06, 2011

    The top is lush and you are BEAUTIFUL! X

  5. That top is awesome! And seriously, could you be any more gorgeous?! :D

  6. aw... you guys are making me blush :)

    but it has cheered me up - I was feeling a bit blue today ;-)

  7. What a bewitching happy outfit! Shows your tattoos nicely.

  8. thankyou :)

  9. BobbinsandbalmsApril 07, 2011

    i'm liking your tatoo!!

  10. RebelroadsisterApril 07, 2011

    love love the top!!

  11. Love the top! It's so exciting to get tattoos, and yours is so beautiful!


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