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I'm Ashley, owner of the blog After Nine To Five. I like to talk about design, food, photography, and more food. I take too many risks and take too much on at once pretty much all of the time. Some say I'm a little too honest, a lot too sarcastic, and maybe a bit too open minded. April is a HUGE month for me as I'm going out of the country for the first time and getting married! We'll be tying the knot on the sands of Jamaica and I am so excited to share the bazillion photos I'm sure I'll be taking! I'm self employed and like to use that as a reason for why I spend so much time on the Internet, tweeting and blogging to my heart's content.


My shop - After Nine To Five Designs - is filled with jewelry, photobooks, and headbands that are perfect for those who love to be outdoors or simply love to travel. Starting in May 2011, the shop will grow to incorporate more hobbies and leisure activities to cover everything you love to do outside of the daily 9 to 5 grind.

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Hi, my name is Steph Kelly. I'm from the Northern Illinois area, about 30 minutes outside Chicago, IL. I'm a digital media designer, focusing mostly on editing and motion graphics work. I'm a big movie person, and I enjoy watching all types of genres. I really like watching the title sequences in movies and tv shows. My dream job would be creating title sequences for television and film. They typically aren't very long pieces, but it involves a lot of thought and symbolism, along with cool animations. I also really enjoy photography. In the past few years I've embraced analog photography, and love to shoot with film (35mm most often since it's still easy to get developed). I have many examples on my flickr, so be sure to check them out!

I started blogging casually in 2007, but really picked it up more over the last year. I just revamped my blogger layout, and I'm excited about my "new" blog. I want to share a lot of my photography and tips, along with some crafty inspiration, and some random fun facts about me.

I opened my etsy shop, "Opposite Day" Shop, a little over 2 years ago. The shop currently has a good mix of accessories for everyone :) My hair accessories are fun and flirty, and really add a pop to any outfit. I am obsessed with fingerless gloves, and when I discovered a few favorite patterns, I made sure to include those in the shop as well. I also create felt fortune cookie greeting cards. They are a fun alternative to a basic card, and you can customize your greeting.

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