Saturday Sun

I'm back!!!! It feels kinda weird to be writing a blog post, after a whole weeks break! But I needed it so badly. I am not very good at taking time off, with a house to run, 3 girls to look after and home school, this blog to run, an etsy shop to stock.... you get the picture that my days are very busy!

Thankfully it was sunny and warm all week. We had picnics in the park, dinner in the garden, ice creams, paddling pool fun and lots of lazing around. I did a little decluttering in my house, rearranged my mantle and cleared away a few cobwebs :) I also finally made a start on the patchwork quilt I've been wanting to make for ages... I'll share some photos in the week.

I've read my way through 3 trashy novels this week too - reading is something I love but just don't get enough time for anymore. 

can you spy my new owl lamp??? He has pride of place by my bed now!

The biggest lesson that I've learnt this week is that I need to take time out more regularly - time to do nothing but relax and just be. A tired, over worked mama isn't good for anybody... and as much as I enjoy working on my blog and my shop.... they aren't more important than chilling time with my girls!

I did sneakily add a couple of new pretties to my shop this week - and to celebrate the sun I'm giving you 15% off everything with coupon SPRINGSUN - why not head on over there and pick yourself up a little treat?

I hope you've all had a fantastic week, and have enjoyed the guest posts  I lined up for you! I'm looking forward to getting back to some blogging this week :)

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  1. Wonderful pictures! And I so understand you....my life is pretty busy as well...sometimes really hard to do it all!
    Happy Easter!
    P.S. I'm off to check out your new items!!


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