Saturday Sun

Happy Saturday Friends!!!! I hope the sun is shining wherever you are. I'm feeling a little overwhelmed and overworked, so I'm taking a mini blog break (which will be the first since September :O) -so next week I havce lined up some sweet guest posts for you! And there will be another sponsor giveaway coming on Tuesday!
I added a few new items to the shop - shown in the photo above - you can see them all HERE

And this week I had the honour of 3 guest posts:
Be sure to drop by and check them out.

Also -  I added a sign up for my a newsletter in the sidebar(or use the form below) - I'd be thrilled to add you to my list.... so sign up quick for some super special offers!
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ps. a reminder of coupon codes from my sponsors:

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  1. Deer Little fawnApril 16, 2011

    The awesomeness of your hair never ceases to amaze me! it is genuinly the best red hair I've ever seen! :) x

  2. I hope you are well and the little blog break gives you energy and strength. Love the items you posted! xo, Shannon

  3. Little breaks are always good, enjoy!

    Zoe x

  4. I love this little flower in your hair!

    Hope you get some good rest hon.


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