Guest Post: Of Tea and Dreams

Hello love, come sit, the water is about to boil and our flowers are ready to steep.
Tonight is for you and I. Our hearts whispered of this place: safe, quiet, with room to explore the most precious of our dreams. Tonight the violets will speak to us, as we sip their nectar, their sweetness will infuse our being with the courage to delve deep into the depth of our passionate selves.

Here we are now, the candle burning low upon our table top. The kettle has whistled its ready steam, now its water surrounds the flowers gently collected for our tea. We sit across from one another, floral steam rising between us, nature’s spring incense curling at the altar of our hopes.

Eyes shining we recognize, there is nowhere else to be. Once frantic minds hush in the glow of our moment together, we breathe—in, out. We settle into the present.

Softly I say, “Where I come from violets bloom unabashedly wherever they can- in the forest and amidst city rubble alike. On my walks I see them, pushing up past the short shorn grasses of yards mown for vanity’s sake. They rise to the occasion of spring with no care to how appropriate or welcome they will be considered. They bloom willingly, for it is their nature.”

I pause to pour our tea into delicate, mismatched china cups. It is the palest shade of lavender I have ever seen, tasting of flowers we eschew any thought of honey, and revel in the flavor of pure plant life.

This is a meditation on blooming, on dreaming no matter where one exists. As we sip, this lesson settles into our physiology, we are meant to bloom brightly. We are meant to embrace the passions our soul speaks of, and allow them to unfurl wildly into dreams made reality—in the forests and in the city rubble alike. We are meant to rise up to the sun of our true selves, beacons of ecstatic life!

As we realize this the mood of our table-communion shifts. We begin to feel the buzz in our bones, the excitement of realizing that our dreams are meant to take on life. Oh! Oh, how beautiful.

We begin to speak them aloud: I dream of writing a book, I dream of traveling the country (maybe even the world!), I dream of watching my children wildly embrace the mud and rock and creek and sand of this amazing roving world. I dream of eyes that look into mine and see who I truly am. I dream of more conversations like this, over tea and dreams, where our deepest desires become reality. 


Maggie A. Bishop is the creative force behind Bliss Ripple, the evidence of a life in hot pursuit of deep soul happiness through living with passionate honesty. She is a collector of golden moments and is stepping into her dreams of living a life of travel, music, and art with her dream confidant Josh (a photographer & music promoter) & their wonder son Arlo.  She believes dreams are meant to be real, and bliss is meant to be followed. You can connect with her on Twitter, Facebook and by email.

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