Sponsor Round Up

I can't believe April is almost over already!!! Time is flying way too fast this year... any ideas on how to slow it down a little?! I've so enjoyed the first month of having sponsors here on my little blog - here's a quick catch up with a few of them!

Last week was one of my favorite weeks of the year, National Parks Week! There have been some great tutorials going up on Campfire Chic including sprucing up your about page and how to host your own photos.

In good old Fashion Melanie style I way over exerted myself this month. I was bridesmaid and 2nd photographer in a wedding, did photo shoots every weekend, decided to get a part time job as a product photographer, and opened an etsy shop where everything is 25% off until May 1st with coupon code PIXIE. I also blogged an average of 6 days a week about all sorts of fascinating things!

Hi Pixie Mama readers! I've been working, recording, blogging, planning my kickstarter video, and generally plotting world takeover :P Better keep me on your radar- crazy-awesome things are happening, and my new EP drops in a couple months!

I got married - woohoo! I've returned from my trip to Jamaica, coming home a married woman with tons of pictures to overload my blog with. :]

Within the first week of my shop opening, I made my first sale and was stoked! Yay! Right now Iffy Inklings isn't too full but expect to see more in the next month or so!"

Hello Pixie Mama readers! Hope you are all having a great month. I've been working on a few new blog posts that I'm pretty excited about, and I'm currently gathering supplies to bring back my log pillows to "Opposite Day" Shop. Be sure to check my blog and twitter for updates!

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  1. Hey miss, it was most fun being your sponsor for April :D Thank you x


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