self love

good morning lovelies! I saw this beautiful quote on pinterest late last night and wanted to share it on here. one of the things on my 100 things to do this year list is to practice self love. be kind to myself, appreciate my body just the way it is, to accept myself for being me.

today we're back to our 'normal life' - i.e homeschool, kiddos groups, work, etc! it's been a fun month of holiday fun, and last week we eased ourselves back into it with a little work. but the time has come to pick things back up! the kiddos are just getting dressed, then we have some work to do and a few errands to run today before miss kiki goes to rainbows later on.

happy monday!

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  1. That's a great goal! It's so refreshing to try and be the best version of "you" that you can be, and not trying to always look or act or have the identical interests as what magazines or media tells us to strive for.

  2. that's where i am at these days... loving self more.

  3. I think self love is SO important. A lot of people look down on those who do not have much self love, when they should be easing them into a better positive image. My wife was like that, growing up due to family and friends, she didn't have much love for herself as a person. I helped change that and she helped me in the same way!!!


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