2012 Goals

i love the fresh start a new year offers. a time for goals and resolutions - for dreaming big and making plans. i like to set myself a few obtainable goals each year.

Here are my goals for this year:

over the past few months my diets gradually gotten worse.. too much sugar and processed foods, not enough fruit and veg. starting today i'm making a conscious effort to choose healthy foods and switch the gallons of coffee/tea i've been drinking for water. trying this out this week:

remember the c25k i did last year???? yeah, unfortunately i didn't keep it up :( it gradually tailed off as the year wore on - so i'm re-doing it! i just downloaded a great {free} app onto my phone to track my progress. i also plan on adding in at least one exercise/yoga dvd each week

it's hard to fit everything in when you have 3 kids, a house to run, home-schooling to do, blogging, crafting, etsy work, book-keeping... i often find myself still working at 10 pm at night! this year i need to make time to do nothing {does that make sense?!} give myself permission to slob out on the sofa with a movie once in a while - and get a few early nights while i'm at it - too many 2am bedtimes make for one tired, cranky mama

i feel i've come along way since i first started my etsy shop almost a year ago{!} the past couple of weeks, i've been thinking alot about where i want to take it and what i want to focus on. i'll be making some changes in the coming weeks and working hard this year to expand!

enjoy each second of this life.... grab each opportunity that passes my way... enjoy life!

what are your goals for 2012?? I'd love to hear and be inspired!!

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  1. Happy new year missy, here's my list of goals for the year :) ~ http://teapotsandchatter.blogspot.com/2011/12/things-to-do-in-2012.html


  2. Great goals, sweetie! I'm still working on my own personal goals, trying to make them more specific so that I can track them along the way better. But I will say that one of them definitely has to do with weight. I've been talking about it for a while now, but not really done anything about it...this year I'm making my dreams come true!

    Good luck & happy new year!

  3. Great goals love! I just want to focus on being happy, loving and present for Claire! And healthy! For myself (baby weight loss) but for Claire too as I will have more energy to play with her :)

  4. I love your goals and I love goals in general! The start of a fresh new year is SUCH a fun time for them as well. <3 Some of mine include getting back into Wicca, hitting my mini-goal weight of 150lbs and my dream goal weight of 125lbs, re-modeling our bedroom and so much more! :D

  5. Our goals are quite similar, I want to eat clean and grow my business. I hope I can draw some inspiration  from you as we both achieve our goals! 

  6. Fantastic quote there at the end!  So true.  Those sound like reasonable AND attainable goals to pursue going forward!  Best wishes!!

  7. i'm super curious to see where you take your etsy store too :)   happy 2012 :)


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