just smile

i think this mama got outta the wrong side of bed this morning. i'm having one of those days. i'm short tempered and cranky, tired and snappy.

i feel like a big blob today, i must of tried a million outfits on, but everything just felt wrong. my hairs a mess of roots and i could quite happily hide under my duvet :/

i'm trying to keep smiling.... i know its just that i'm tired and need to catch up on some sleeps. we have family visiting this afternoon - so i'm pretty sure that'll cheer me up! and tomorrow i'm gonna dye my hair so the roots will be gone!

what's your favourite way to cheer yourself up when you're feeling bleurgh???

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  1. I think you must've forgotten the fact that you could wear a bin bag and still look beautiful, you silly pudding!

  2. I'm sorry you're feeling down, miss!!! I woke up energized, but anxious and dizzy. Boo! When I'm not feeling good, I acknowledge my stinky mood and just try and go forth. I sit quietly, do something I absolutely love (especially if it's something like Pinning on Pinterest, Etsy shopping, list making, playing a game, crocheting, etc.) and try to cheer up!

    I also love taking a nap or cuddling with my honey!!!

  3. Sorry you were feeling low, Polly. When I feel like that I usually take Suki out for a nice long walk. If I don't have any energy I put on my pyjamas or some comfy snuggly clothes snuggle up with Suki and read a trashy magazine or watch a funny movie. Maybe even try and have a nap. Hope you feel better :)


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