diy - lampshade makeover

in my new year decluttering, i moved an old lamp into the living room, and i realised that i wasn't loving the lampshade anymore. it was ok - not broken or stained, but it just didn't 'fit' with the feel of the room. i figured it would be easy enough to recover, rather than buying a new one. i used some pretty fabric from my stash, some vintage trim and my trusty old glue gun, and in lesst than 10 mintues my lamp was as good as new!

first step is to cut a rectangle of fabric, a couple of inches wider than your shade, and long enough to wrap around with an inch overlap
 next, i glued down one of the shorter edges, making sure it was realatively straight.
 i wrapped the fabric aroudn the shade, keeping it fairly taut, and then glued it down when i got back around to the start, and fixed down the over lap too.
 the next step is to tuck and glue the excess around the rims of the shade, you may need to cut a little to fit around the supports.

once that's done you can add any trimming you like :)

i was pretty happy with how it turned out!!

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