the worst enemy to creativity is self doubt

i love this quote. sitting at my work desk the other day i found myself struck by a huge, sudden case of self doubt. doubting my plans for my shop, doubting if it was even worth keeping up with, doubting my creativity. i've been fighting the feeling since, carrying on making new stock, setting my plans in place. but it's still there niggling at the back of my mind.

i've decided to focus just on jewellery, leave the other things for 'personal projects'. give myself 100% to one thing and allow that side to flourish. 

so - the shop will be shutting at the weekend for a week so i can make a few changes - until then all prices have been reduced by a furhter 40%!!! GO SHOP!!

in other news - i have almost finished my decluttering/tidying/moving spree around my house and man does it feel good!! so much stuff cleared out, things re-organised - i feel totally ready for a new year :)

AND miss kiki lost her first tooth - how cute is she with her gappy smile??

we've friends due round any minute - then tonight i'm planning on spending some much needed time in the Goddess Circle ♥♥♥

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  1. I had quite a bit of self doubt over the last few weeks with the blog redesign/issues, so I know how you feel. Now that things are getting back to normal, I see that it was totally worth it to keep at it. It's what I'm meant to do.

    Keep at it, lady! You are a truly talented & amazing artist!

  2. I think this is a common theme a lot of people are facing. I know I made the decision to re-focus and prioritize as well and I'm limiting myself to focusing on two things ... my blog and jewelry. I want to be the best at a couple of things rather than okay at a lot of things! Keep up the good work! I know you totally inspire me!

  3. YES!!! that's totally it - being the best at a couple of things rather than okay at lots :) Love it!! x x

  4. That's great advice.  It can really be difficult to grapple with self-doubt and just self-generated apathy.  Focussing on one thing 100%, as you mentioned, can help keep things mentally in order at least, and that can hopefully dissipate those feelings.  Best wishes moving forward!

  5. Don't ever doubt yourself Polly!  You are incredibly creative and gifted and quirky and bohemian and inspiring - so inspiring to me personally!  Also your girls are picking up on all your creativity - you are passing it on to the next generation!  Never quit.  And don't let go of your etsy shop.  I love it.

  6. I totally understand that niggling feeling! I hope we can both block it out this year, and achieve our goals!


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