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Hello all, I'm Elisabeth of Manic Mrs. Stone and I thought it'd be fun to share some of my life with you.  I am a very goal-oriented person and am constantly making lists and checking them off.  Well, one of the things on my list of things to do in 2012 was to connect to a crystal.  I've never done this before but have been studying and felt it was the right time, especially in preparing for big changes in my life (a new home, a second baby, etc).  So here is how I did it!  

I went to my favorite alternative bookstore and checked out the crystal table.  Anything that seemed to speak to me, I immediately picked up.  If it then felt right to me, I got it.  I picked out 4 crystals, giving one (the tiger's eye) to my daughter because she fell so in love with it.  My two favorites below are the green adventurine and the red jade.

I then needed to cleanse the crystals.  There are many techniques for cleansing a crystal but the way I chose to was running them under water, using visualization, and then smudging them.   Pictured below is the smudging process.  You can see that my daughter had fun helping me with it.  You can also see an adorable little dreamcatcher pouch that I fixed up as a way to carry my crystals close to me at all times. 

And as of now, I've become seriously connected to my adventurine crystal.  I am always grabbing for it and feeling the need to hold it close to me.  I decided to look up what it's specific purposes and meanings were (remember I only bought it because I felt a connection to it at the store).  It turns out that adventurine is a very healing and soothing stone that is quite known for blocking negative energies.  So it totally makes sense to me why I'm really attached to it right now.  I'm in the process of really taking charge of things in my life and learning to express myself openly - often resulting in critisism and negative energy from family members.  I am also preparing for a really big event in my life (a natural VBAC) and have been trying very hard to focus my positive energy and thoughts on it.  It really seems that adventurine is perfect for me at this exact moment and I'm so glad I went with my intuition in choosing a crystal to connect to.

Crossing that off my 2012 list!

Here is a recent image of me wearing my crystal pouch that is holding - guess what?! - my adventurine!

Have a beautiful and inspiring year!  :)

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  1. Wow you and your daughter are both so beautiful!  My son is about the same age and has that same hair color - and I envy it!  It's like a small piece of sunlight.


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