word for 2012/accent vlog

i've been thinking and thinking over the past cdouple of weeks, but i hadn't come up with my word for 2012. then, last night i was reading krsyten's blog - why girls are weird and saw the accent vlog she'd posted. when this was going around last year, i wanted to play along but chickened out.i decided there and then to record my own, that this was something i had to do - fight the fear.

and then it hit me - my word for the year is


so - please be kind - i hate myself on video {and it was late at night, so i look tired lol} !!! two of my kiddos came to play too

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  1. That was so sweet :) the girlies made me giggle. Looks like you had fun.

    Zoe xx

  2. this is great! you look good on camera and the girls are hilarious

  3. You ladies are all so gorgeous!

    Really sweet blog :)

  4. <3 That was adorable, I love your accent and you guys are so pretty :) Loved it! x

  5. OMG! I love y'all's accents!! So cute! And "trainers" and "trolley"?! Eeek! Seriously, you guys sound SO much more sophisticated then us Southerns!!!

  6. Oh my gosh, so cute! And you did great on video, no worries!

  7. MalittlestitcherJanuary 19, 2012

    Brilliant. You all always makes me smile.

  8. This made my day :) The girls are so adorable!
    Nadine @ freebird.

  9. What an adorable vlog! I LOVED hearing your accents, mama. :) I still need to do my first vlog - maybe this weekend? ;)

  10. wow, what a gorgeous vlog, you are sooo brave :)
    I really wish I was brave enough to do one but I have a broad northern accent lol
    you are one BEAUTIFUL family :)

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