Etsy Love: FlowerLand

Hey there! Tell us a little about yourself and your shop
I'm Sara, I'm 26 years old and I live in a little town near Rome,Italy.
I love to make polymer clay jewelry and little home decorations, now are my favorite hobbies, but I love also to draw and paint! I started my jewelry hobby seven years ago, but recently I started to outline a my own style and decided to start my adventure on Etsy. Then I opened my Etsy shop and called it FlowerLand. With my works I'd like to suggest an ideal, ethereal, fantastic,intimate world rich of colors and happiness.

What is your inspiration?
My major inspiration is the Nature and its beauty. Usually I want to convey a feeling and I choose combinations of colors and shapes that do it right! I can find an idea in a advertisment, in a magazine page, in a documentary, in a hight fashion dress, reading a book... When I can I project my works lying down on a lawn, is so relaxing!! I love to sketch my ideas on the first sheet I find and than place them into a sketchbook (otherwise I'll lose it, of course!), may happen that an old sketch become a new inspiration!

Have you always wanted to have a creative career?
Yes! I love drawing since I was a children. I was a very shy girl and throught drawing and colors I could express myself. In school, art teacher was always my favorite! At age 14 I enrolled at an institut of art where I learned a bit of Industrial Design. I wanted to become a illustrator or a cartoonist or a designer...After hight schools I took a “fashion and costume” degree. Now I'd like to work in the fashion world!

Describe a typical day in your life
I have so strange hours in my days...
I wake up late, at 12 pm because I love working at night when no one can bother me!
After waking up I have a brunch and do houseworks, then check e-mails and dedicate my time to my Etsy shop or photographing my last works. At 17-17,30 pm I go to shopping. At 19,30pm I cook dinner and go to the swimming pool, for aquagym lessons. At 21pm I have dinner. I dedicate the rest of the time to my jewelry, or to my Etsy shop , my blog and searching for interesting things on the web, or I go out with my boyfriend!. At 2-2,30 pm I go to sleep.

What are you currently obsessed with?
I'm obsessed with everything about my hobbies and my Etsy shop. When I have a new idea could happen that I don't sleep for thinking about. Each time I say to myself “Sara, please, keep calm and resting your brain!”But I can not do without!

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?
I hope I'll have a my family and that my hobby will becomes a job!


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  1. What a nice interview! I totally get the not being able to sleep when an idea is forumlating -- exciting, yet frustrating!

  2. Hi!!
    Thank so much for this iterwiev! I am so happy!:))

  3. I can't to see images!:(

    Mermith, yes, is a bit frustrating!XD

  4. she is very talented !

  5. Oh my gosh!!! These are GORGEOUS. Such a lovely and talented lady!


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