sleepover fun

miss lola is having some of her friends round tonight for a slumber party. she's been getting things ready all day, making cakes and organising some craft activities for them all to do! my mr is escaping for the evening - the thought of 7 little girls is too much for him ha!

i'm still feeling a bit groggy from this cold - we've been taking it easy(ish) the past couple of days, hopefully it'll pass soon - baya hasn't let me sleep much the last couple of nights and i'm a very tired mama.

i'm planning on watching a movie this evening, tucked up in bed while the kiddos have fun downstairs. i've some work i ought to be doing, but my head isn't switched on so it'll have to wait ;)

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what have you all got planned for your weekends??
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  1. Sounds like Lola is a natural born hostess. :) Hope you're feeling better.

  2. Cute!! Have fun Lola!!

  3. Ohhh little girl sleepovers!  I remember this.  Such fun!


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