some monday linky love

winter has finally hit over the weekend - it's been FAH-REE-ZING here!! we were planning on heading out to a home ed group this morning, but nobody woke up very early, and there was a heavy frost overnight, so we've opted to stay home and do some crafting instead!! i finally got around to dyeing my hair yesterday, it was so faded and my roots were embarrassing! i toyed with the idea of going black, but in the end i stuck with the red.

here are a few links for your monday morning :)

LOVE  this valentine pop up card diy from the glue gun girl - can't wait to try it out with the kiddos

my fabulous friend Fritha had some of her artwork made into a valentine's range  for paperchase!

this recipe and this one sound delicious!

these 15 admirable goals for 2012

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  1. Sounds like such a fun and cozy day y'all will be having!!! Yay for a snow day!


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