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Hello lovelies, I'm Ruby from Dotty Delightful, and I am honoured to do a guest post on here. I attend and organise craft fairs in and around Blackpool, UK. I have some hints and tips on participating in a craft fair.

There are loads of ways to set up your stall, you will get into the groove of how you like things and its always worth looking around for ideas to help you have a great display.

A couple of important things which I think are worth knowing are:
  • I always take a table cover, this can be a double duvet cover (perfect size), a tablecloth, a sheet etc, make sure its ironed and folded in your bag so it looks crisp and fresh.
  • A cushion for your bottom, I have been caught out lots of time with all day on a hard chair - not very good for the posterior!
  • Change - make sure you take some, sounds obvious but it is important, especially if you have odd prices IE 99p
  • A price list of your items, I stick this to the spare chair so I can see how much things are without having to lean over the stall
  • A drink and a snack, unless you plan to buy one at the fair (unless your at my fairs when you will get complementary teas and coffee for free!)
  • Cards/ leaflets with your name on and a contact number and website if you have one, so many order come after the fair from people who take your details.
  • Carrier bags, even though we all want to cut down on plastic bags some people will want a bag, I love paper bags with things stamped on them or if you're handy with the sewing machine then some bags whipped up on that and maybe charge 50p or something to cover costs.
  • A calculator - in the hope someone will want to buy loads!

 A couple of tricks and tips:

I always price things on a round number or to the nearest 50p, this way it is easier for me and my small useless maths brain to add up and not look like a fool!

If you are going to be brave and use 99's then a psychological tip is someone will be more willing to pay £9.99 than £10.00, they think they are getting a bargain and your only losing out on a penny.

Try and add height to your table, if its eye level its better, make good use of your table space by using bookshelves, rails etc.

I hope these tips have helped you in some way, also make sure you write a list of the things you need to take so you can cross them off as you pack, its almost certain if you don't you will forget something. It also handy to take safety pins, a few pegs and drawing pins to attach things to your stall. Make friends with other stall holders who can keep you in the loop of up coming fairs.

Most of all don't panic, enjoy yourself as it will go so fast. Happy crafting x

you can visit Ruby's craft blog HERE and her flickr photostream HERE

if you want some inspiration for your craft display THIS flickr group is worth a look!

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