lucky lucky me

i guess i must of been a good girl this year as santa brought me a few lovely goodies :)

a beautiful scarf from Beth, A BLYTHE DOLL!!!!, pretty mask
lalaloopsy dolls, green man plaque
cute mug, kissing moomins, funky fairy lights

right now i'm on the home stretch of decluttering and reorganising my house!! i've been through most of the house, gotten rid of bags and bags of rubbish and even more bags to go to the charity shop. i've moved around half our house and turned the nook off our living room into my new craft space. we're back to 'real' life tomorrow - holidays end today!!! i've just got to repaint Miss Lola's room and hang some new pictures in the girls rooms today :)

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  1. Lalaloopsy and Blythe, how wonderful!

  2. That mask is gorgeous!

    I'm getting back to the normal routine today by heading back to work (BOO!), I would rather be home getting everything back in order after all the holiday madness. Things got a little crazy with half our living room ending up in the kitchen to move in our new couch. I've finally got things back in the right rooms, but now I've got to put everything back in it's place. I think we should get at least a week off to recover from holidays.

  3. Oh god I've wanted a blythe doll for so long! You are lucky indeed!!!


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