what i wore: slipper day

the sun is deceptive in these photos - it looks like a lovely day but it was bloody fah-ree-zing!!! by the time i went inside my fingers were numb :/ i haven't taken outfit photos for ages, thought it was time and i needed to show off my hair too ;) in the end i chickened out of dying it black - it's near on impossible to get out if i didn't like it, so after bleaching my roots and putting a slightly darker red dye on, i trimmed my fringe back in and felt much better! i think my resolution for this year is to keep on top of the dyeing - faded hair and inch long roots made you feel terrible!

i'm wearing one of the new necklaces available in my shop - it's such a cutie  {and yes, i went out in my slippers - they're soooo toasty warm!}

sweater - primark
top - thrifted
jeans - primark
slippers{!} - primark {they're the best slippers ever, no??}

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  1. I LOVE your fashion sense and would totally wear that sweater and skirt as well.  Plus your hair just adds this incredible effect to it all.  You're amazing. 

  2. I have slippers just like those! They're the best.

  3. Your sweater and boots look so comfy and adorable! Love your outfit! Perfect for cold weather.

    Erin from EtsyBlogTeam :)

  4. You look gorgeous!!! I really want those slippers, they look SO comfy, cozy and warm. <3

  5. You look cute and comfortable and those slippers <3


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