happy saturday friends! it's a wet and blustery day here, the kiddos and i are having a lazy saturday just chilling, listening to music, reading, playing games and resting after a hectic week! sometimes it's nice to shut the door to the world and just have fun at home together.

my copy of lionheart magazine arrived this morning - i'm saving it for tonight - though i've had a sneaky flick through ;) if you haven't heard of it, go check out their website here and in their words:

Lionheart Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine for those looking for something that reflects their personalities and preferences. Editorial that’s smart, funny, friendly and a little irreverent, together with beautiful design, illustrations and photography. You’ll find craft, fashion, art, interviews and features that are interesting, inspiring and hearty.
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  1. Looks like such a creative magazine, and I love your wild hair! :)


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