how to: upcycled cushion covers

wandering around the shops the other day,  getting annoyed at how expensive all the super cute cushion covers i was drooling over were, i suddenly realised that my giant stash of thrifted, vintage pillowcases were just crying out to be upcycled into cushion covers.

i've made cushion covers before, and they're pretty straightfoward - but using pillowcases mean most of the work is done for you!! plus you can thrift pillowcases for pennies if you don't have any on hand. you could jazz them up with lace, doilies etc - i might add some to mine, but i was on a time limit when i was making these.

pick out some pretty pillowcases

 turn the pillowcase inside out, lay the pillowform on top {making sure it's at the open end of the pillowcase} and draw a line where you'll need to sew

sew across the line you marked on each of your pillowcases

cut off the shut end of the pillowcase, a couple of mm away from your sewn line

turn the right way out, insert your pillowform, throw on the sofa and enjoy!!

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  1. Such a great idea! I never seem to come across pillow cases in the Charity shops (I think I live in a bad place for them as there are too many canny students about!!)... however I do have lots of old ones from my mum that I don't use anymore... I LOVE the idea of something to cute, quick and simple!


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