dolly dressing up

remember how I got a blythe doll for christmas??? well - my super duper lovely bloggy friend Beth sent me some new clothes for her!! they're so cute - the kiddos and i had fun dressing her up this morning. thanks beth!!! i think miss lola is putting a blythe on her birthday wishlist now ;)

i've been drooling over the illustrations of Alain Gree this week - wishing i'd find some of his books in a charity shop near me!


 I found the best shop ever - called Japanese Zakka that sells products with his images on, might have to do a little shopping soon!!! {and the rest of the shop is filled with the cutest stuff ever!! - totally worth checking out}

we're having a lazy family weekend, i'm getting a few bloggy/etsy jobs done, doing some crafts with the girls and just chilling with my Mr.

Hope you're all having a fun weekend too x x

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  1. What an adorable doll!
    BTW, I LOVE your new header. So perfect. But then, all the ones you make are pretty perfect...

  2. loving all these things!! Japanese shop is now bookmarked :)

  3. wishing i put a blythe on MY christmas wishlist now!

  4. Love your Blythe doll! Also love the fox and the chick in those illustrations!

  5. stop the torture with the blythe cuteness!!

  6. Aren't Blythe dolls great!? I got one for Christmas too!


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