I am a 20-something freelance graphic designer in Austin, Texas, having fun exploring the world of screenprinting. I love books, dragons, sweet tea, pretty things, old movies, writing, my boyfriend and my puppy, shopping, learning how to cook better, and making things. I just discovered screenprinting this year and started Dragonflight Dreams (formerly Dragonflight Apparel) in May, so itjavascript:; is very much still a growing work in progress. Each screen is hand-painted, and each shirt hand-printed. Every shirt is a unique combination of colors and design; I try not to make the same shirt twice. I blog about my ongoing screenprinting adventures, and anything else that catches my fancy (generally along the lines of fashion as I see it, cooking, photos, etc.). Check by often to see what's new!

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Hello! I'm Dita from Bogor, Indonesia. I live in a small town with loads of nice places to eat. I craft and I teach. I make music with my friends too. Nice to see you here :)

my goal for 2012 is to to set up a better blog for my shop, WOnderlost


Hello lovelies! I'm Elisabeth from Manic Mrs. Stone where I blog about my fantastical life as a [young] "hippie" mama to two little Goddess girls (well, one toddler and one due in March). I love blabbing on topics such as motherhood, natural living & parenting, home/unschooling, creativity, homemaking, zen, vegan food, spirituality, self-reliance, and sustainable living - to name a few. I strive each day to "be the change I want to see in the world" and I LOVE connecting with other like-minded mamas.

my goal for 2012 is to show more gratitude, have a successful VBAC, re-discover myself, and find new ways to lower my family's impact on the planet.

I'm Gillian, a 20-something crafter from Canada, and lover of all things crafty, reused and beautiful! I live in Ontario with my boyfriend and cute cocker spaniel-poodle mix pup Jesse. Craftzilla Conquers the world is a blog where I share fun tutorials, thrifted finds, recipes, snippets and photos from my life (I won't lie, there may be a lot of cute dog photos) as well as sneak peeks from my Etsy shop, Craftzilla Conquers. 

my goal for 2012 is to find balance, to make beautiful things and to grow my shop and blog


I am a stay at home mommy to 2 girls. Willow 4 and Wren 3. I love sunshine as much as I love cloudy days. Creating whenever possible brings me lots of joy. I love finding inspiration wherever possible and hope to give inspiration to others as well.

my goal for 2012 is to get totally healthy, mentally, emotionally and physically.

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My life was turned upside down 9 months ago when my Prince Charming came waltzing into my life with his 4 kiddos. It's been a whirlwind ever since, as they have moved in and we have blended our lives. I'm definitely learning to embrace life's unexpected. I went from being single, never married and no kids to a full-time girlfriend and step-mom! I love zombies, Alice in Wonderland, baking, jewelry making and re purposing vintage finds.

my goal for 2012 is to take a family vacation to the beach - my step-kids have never been! And to work on my first jewelry line to offer up in my shop. Oh, and to get my first tattoo!  

My name is Maryam and I am new mama to baby Margaux. I am an elementary art teacher turned stay at home mom and learning how to balance my creative life with my new role as mama. I blog about this and more so stop by and say hello!

I decided that I wanted to do one goal a month for 2012, mostly things from my 30 before 30 list. Other than those twelve I also want to start writing to my overseas grandmother and visiting my other grandmother once a month.

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Hi, I'm Michelle. I'm a thirty-something mama who loves to make things. I love using pure wool felt, vintage fabrics, wool and buttons for my fabric crafts. I also make natural organic traditional soaps with coconut oil, cocoa butter and essential oils. They are scrummy, even if I do say so myself :o)

I'm married to my best friend and we have three boys. I also love music, films and books (especially Harry Potter).

my goal for 2012 is to enjoy my first craft fairs, and to be more organised

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Hey Pixie readers! I'm Miss Lou I write in my own cute space in the net called elousions. I often share my crazy on going addiction to coffee, my quirky and fun thrift finds. Also my attempts at photography with a whole bunch of cameras that can't even fit into my room. Stop by and say hi! 

I have many goals for 2012, Im currently obsessed with magical thinking jar!

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I am a wife to a wonderful husband, Sean. We have one furbaby Lexi cat, whom we love dearly. I currently enjoy hobbies of reading, learning to knit, listening to music a lot and blogging. I love to make friends and I am now addicted to pinterest and instagram, so come follow me and we'll become friends:)

my goal for 2012 is to gain better communication with my husband and work on creating a better, more realistic budget for ourselves-any tips I would love to hear!

Living Apockylypse

Hi there! My name is Pocky & I blog in a little space known as Living Apockylypse. I'm just a geek-lovin' gal that spends my days fighting the zombie grind & at night I seek the safety of my crafty dreams. When I'm not blogging, I'm playing with string & working to pursue my dream of having my own online crafty shop.

I've got a few exciting goals for this year. One is getting more serious with my blog & the other is opening the virtual doors to my very own online shop! I have a feeling that 2012 is all about making crafty dreams come true.


Here at Dotty delightful we love vintage and retro items especially fabric and recycle them into fab gifts for the home and loved ones, everything is a unique design with only one of each item made using the same fabrics. All made by hand with added live, we specialise in owls, rabbits and monsters

my goal for 2012 is to save enough money to buy a house

Mama Marchand's Musings can best be described as a lifestyle blog because it has a little bit of everything! I write about the ups and downs of mamahood, muse about marriage and friendships, and talk about faith, fashion, food, and health. I love meeting new friends so come say hello! 

my goal for 2012 is to lose 60 pounds, read 52 books, stick to our family budget, hit 200 sales in my Etsy shop, and manage my time better at home!

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Hi I'm Marilyn and I'm the gal behind Pulp Sushi, an online boutique selling her handmade jewelry along with vintage-inspired items from fellow artists. "Handmade Nostalgia Love" is the overall theme for Pulp Sushi. The jewelry I make is inspired by mid-century accessories and vintage pinup glamor. I am an ardent supporter of quality handmade sellers and artists. My blog is narrative about what it's like to run (and build) a small business along with living in the Hudson Valley of New York. When I'm not glued to my computer, I like to knit, read books, catch up with some of my favorite shows (ie: Rachel Zoe & Top Model) and watch old horror and 1970's movies with my boyfriend.

my goal for 2012 is to set up quarterly earning goals for Pulp Sushi -  going to promote like crazy!

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  1. this is lovely :) You're good to your sponsors. I miss talking to you! I hope you are well and everything is going swimmingly for you in the new year.

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