pinch, punch, first of the month

can you believe it's february?? the month has started here with beautiful sunny skies - albeit it freezing cold too!! i'm looking forward to all that february has to offer - i have some great things planned for the blog as well as some fun IRL stuff too

we're still a house full of sick people - my cold seems to be lingering and the kiddos all have it too. there hasn't been much sleep to be had here for the past few nights. to top it all off, miss baya had an accident with a pan of hot water on monday. thankfully she's not badly burnt, i managed to get her out of the way, so only a little splashed back onto her leg rather than pouring all over her. still, she has quite the burn on her leg, poor baby.

i finally got around to tackling a couple of projects on my to-do-list yesterday - a glitter lampshade for the girls room {i saw the idea here} and the doily lampshade that has been on my list for almost a year :O here's a couple of pics - I'll take a better one of the doily lamp when it's dry and hung up!

also - you should check out my awesome  new sponsors --->  they're a bunch of amazing ladies!!!

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  1. Sorry to hear about Baya, poor little thing! 

    But the lampshades are fab!


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