Saturday Sun

Hey!!! Sorry for the unexpected abscence!!! I got home from my holidays on Wednesday, to find that my interenet is broken :( I'm sat in Starbucks right now using their free Wi-fi!! Hopefully I'll be back properly soon, but I've scheduled a couple of posts for next week incase I don't get my internet fixed anytime soon.

My trip was great fun, we really didn't want to come home! And my brain is still in holiday mode lol

Last Tuesday, the girls and I headed down to Brighton to meet up with Beth from Deer Little Fawn Here a few photos from our day :)

If you're waiting for an email from me... I'll get back to you as soon as I can!!!



  1. awww! looks like fun!

  2. Love the pictures! My boyfriend thinks your hot! lol! He asked where you are from and then said he's moving over there :). I love my earrings that I ordered from you! Everyone asks where I got the little owl ones from!


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