Saturday Sun

I don't have much to say today! I've been busy working the last three days, after a lazy start to the week :) We went to the park last night, to catch a couple of local bands that were playing. The sun kept shining, we caught up with a few friends, and the girls had a ball :) Perfect friday evening! 

We're off to a carnival in the same park today - the girls are very excited this morning! And I'm hoping either today or tomorrow to do a photoshoot for the new clothing I've made for This Enchanted Pixie. I also have some new jewellery to list as soon as I get a chance.

Hope you all have a great weekend


Polly x


  1. Can't wait to see your new clothes collection Polly x

  2. hi! i just discovered your blog a few days ago, but hadn't got a chance to leave a comment because my kids are always climbing all over me. i love your blog! so fun and inspiring.and could you be any prettier? i love the pink hair. anyway, justwanted to say how much i enjoy your posts and i look forward to more. so rare to find a blog by a mom that isn't your typical "mommy blog", if ya know what i mean!


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